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Ringstead Carp Fishery

As you leave the road at Ringstead Lock on the River Nene, the private track into ‘Ringstead Carp Fishery’ is interrupted by a locked gate – a necessity these days to ensure private, peaceful fishing where you don’t need to worry about an unlocked car, or your unattended gear whilst enjoying a cuppa with a fellow angler in the next swim.

A short drive alongside the river, passing ‘Crackers Meadow’ on your left, brings you to the main car park adjacent to the causeway, which separates the two main lakes. This is the southwest corner of the lake and so is often calm.

A huge amount of work has been done on this fishery to offer members comfortable, high quality fishing.

The track around the lake has also been much improved therefore cars can be parked behind every swim (but unseen across the lake) except for ‘The Causeway’.

‘Application Forms’ for ‘Ringstead Carp Fishery’ are available on request and can also be completed on-line or printed off this site and sent. The cost for a 12 month period is £1000 + a £100 joining fee which is due in December.

Prior to any place being offered it would be necessary for you to attend an interview for which at least one character reference may be required.

‘Ringstead’ is not an easy water. Membership places are reserved for experienced carp anglers only – therefore we cannot consider any applications from anybody under the age of 18.

Crackers Meadow

‘Crackers Meadow’ is a lovely five-acre carp water, which sits alongside the famous Ringstead Carp Fishery and is widely regarded as one of the best carp and catfish waters in the country. ‘Crackers’ was excavated about 30 years ago for sand and gravel and is now an established lake with depths from 6 feet in the margins to about 16 feet in the centre of the deeper end. The lakebed is mainly a firm sandy bottom and there are no snags.

There is around 65 carp in the lake. In 2008, Crackers produced its first-ever ’50lb’ at 51.10 which was soon followed by a different ’50lb’ at 50.8. There is now a 76lbs+ and two 60lbs+ with five catfish remaining. Grass carp are also present, going from mid-20’s to 40 pounds. So if you fancy catching one of Britain’s hardest-fighting fish there’s a good chance of success.

Members of ‘Crackers’ also get PRIORITY if they wish to join the famous Ringstead Fishery alongside. Once you have been a member of Crackers for a year you will automatically jump ‘outsiders’ that are on the Ringstead waiting list. Simply request an application form when you join Crackers.

‘Application Forms’ for ‘Crackers Meadow’ are available on request and can also be completed on-line or printed off this site and sent. The cost is £700 + a £100 joining fee for 12 months fishing and runs yearly from April 01. Membership is strictly limited to a 25-man syndicate so the water is never crowded.


The River Nene

‘The River Nene’ in this spot boasts some of the river’s best fishing, locally known as ‘The Ringstead Shallows’.

If you want a keepnet bulging with fish, then the ‘River Nene’ with it’s numerous roach, perch, bream and chub will always oblige.

With many chub exceeding 3 pounds a good fight is guaranteed on almost every session, but the real specimen hunter will want to set up his stall for either barbel, which although are not plentiful do exceed double figures, or the carp, many of which are over 20 pounds.

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