Ringstead Carp Fishery Rules

  1. Membership of the syndicate is by annual invitation of Nigel & Jane Roberts and may be terminated at any time by their decision. Rule breaking or any bad behaviour will bring instant expulsion without refund, the decision of the owner being the final in all cases.
  2. Maximum of three rods per angler from March to October (inclusive) and a maximum of four rods for the months of Nov, Dec, Jan & Feb.
  3. All anglers to exercise the greatest possible care of fish. All unhooking mats to be of thick base and sides are now a must! NO sacks! The use of a carp retainer should only be used if absolutely necessary and for the absolute minimum period, NO MORE THAN 15 MINUTES!. The fish should have good water exchange and also be in no less than 4 feet of water.
  4. All particle baits including maggots are now not allowed between April 01and November 16th ( This means boillies only ) Outside of this date they must be fully cooked! Uncooked or “soaked only” particles are a danger to the fish and must not be used under any circumstances.
  5. No nuts! No “bent hooks” (curved hooks are permitted), No fixed leads and No leadcore or leaders of any type (Tubing only) No naked chods due to possible fish damage Also all fish to be un hooked in the lake via quick link or cut hook length.
  6. No litter, any anglers found with litter in their swim whilst fishing or after they have left will be banned. This is irrespective of whether the angler deposits the litter or not.
  7. No cutting, or removing, of weeds, reeds, bushes, trees, etc.
  8. Removal or introduction of fish strictly prohibited, except within these rules.
  9. The boat is only to be used in the event of fish being snagged or seen to be in distress and A LIFE JACKET MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMESUse of the boat is done so entirely at, the angler’s own risk and no responsibility is accepted for any accidents that might occur. Failure to wear a life jacket will carry an immediate BAN FROM THE COMPLEX.
  10. All baits must be reeled in when temporarily leaving the lake.
  11. No non-fishing guests except for one person at a time, no pets, guns and no fires. A fishing guest is permitted and they must be booked and paid for in advance. A guest ticket costs £120 per session and it is the member’s responsibility that their guest abides by all rules, this payment needs to be paid in advance for the session. The maximum length of a session for a guest is three days and nights and there are no concessions.
  12. The owners or any private guests of theirs, reserve the right to fish at any time.
  13. Fishing is carried out entirely at the angler’s own risk and the owners accept no responsibility for any accidents or damage that might occur on the property.
  14. The owners reserve the right to amend these rules, or add new ones, at any time prior to notice.
  15. The weights of all carp are to be recorded in the logbook.
  16. The reserving of swims for friends or leaving tackle in swims to reserve them for yourself for long periods whilst you are away is not allowed. Short periods of up to a maximum of 2 hours is alright if you need to leave the lake, but if you are away any longer your tackle must be completely removed away from the swim so it can be fished by someone else.
  17. The maximum length of session is three days and nights up to a total of 72 hours. After which time you must not return to the site within 72 hours, regardless of whether you fish 24 hours, 36 hours etc. etc…
  18. The owners reserve the right to close the lake at any time they think fit and prior notice will be given in writing whenever possible.
  19. Members must appreciate that on some days during the winter, shooting will take place on or around the lakes and those shooting must give priority to the anglers. The shooting season starts on the 1st September.
  20. All gates to be closed and properly locked at all times, especially flood gates during the winter.
  21. Members should act as bailiffs where necessary and challenge anyone on the lake; they suspect are not members, for proof of membership. Any presence of non-members or any rule breaking must be reported to the owners as soon as possible. Please note that members of the adjoining syndicate water, Crackers Meadow, are not allowed access to the carp fishery (except for the Causeway Swim for access to the wooden shed) unless invited to do so by a member. You may contact Nigel on 07801 833878 or Robert on 07885272247.
  22. All carp caught over 50 pounds must be reported to the owners IMMEDIATELY by telephone or text message.
  23. Members are not permitted on site unless they have their membership card on them.
  24. Rods must be fished from the same swim and not spread along the bank.
  25. Members must show the maximum possible respect to other members by being polite and courteous at all times.
  26. Copies of all publicity, including photos, stories and reports about the fishery or its fish must be supplied to the owners as soon as it is published.

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